Lookout Studio in Grand Canyon Village Moki Dugway Dead Horse Point Lightning Strike Pine Valley Mountain Goblin Valley State Park in Winter US191 Colorado River Bridge the Bridge at Hite Crossing Waterfall in Coyote Gulch Scenic Byway 95 highway cut across Comb Ridge Confluence of Escalante and Glen Canyon Scenic Byway 12 in Red Canyon Monument Valley at a distance on US163 Rainbow over Spider Rock Wolfman Panel in Butler Wash Scenic Byway 12 on a hogback

Scenic Color Country

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Scenic Color Country explores the beautiful scenery, rugged and massive geology, and Ancestral Puebloan archaeology in the intermountain area of the US Southwest:  Utah's Color Country, Utah's Canyon Country, and just about anything else on the huge Colorado Plateau; selected examples are exhibited in the cycling banners.  While much pleasure can be gleaned from viewing a photo, we believe it becomes more meaningful with additional information, so we attempt to bring a photo to life with its story.

Viewing Notes provides site conventions (highlights, popups, etc.), information on the handling of photos, how to manually control cycling photos, window sizing, known issues, browser notes, information about the site, and a site map.

Scenic Byways includes U12 up Red Canyon, across slickrock, a hogback, and over Boulder Mountain; U95 crossing Comb Ridge, Cedar Mesa, Lake Powell at Hite Crossing,; U128 up unnamed canyons along the Colorado River; U24 through Capitol Reef in Fremont Canyon; Moki Dugway down dirt switchbacks into the Valley of the Gods on U261; the historic Burr Trail; the rugged White Rim Trail; US89 and hsitoric Navajo Bridge; and Colorado River Bridges (an essential part of the byways).

Canyons and Rivers includes canyons of the Colorado River, Green River, Little Colorado River, Gunnison River, Escalante River, Calf Creek, and Antelope Creek, and photos of a two-day hike across the Grand Canyon.

Geologic Sites displays the awesome and massive geology of the Colorado Plateau with sites like the relatively unknown San Rafael Swell, Monument Valley, monoclines and anitclines, and other geologic sites believed to have formed during the Monument Upwarp and/or the Laramide orogeny.  National parks like Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and others, could be listed as geologic sites.

Utah State Parks highlights three of the forty-five Utah state parks, State parks @ Utah.gov in this menu has all of them.

National Parks features several national parks/monuiments with links to several popular national parks on the Colorado Plateau.

Archaeology features the culture and ruins of Ancestral Puebloans at Canyons of the Ancients, Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Butler Wash, Cedar Mesa, and other sites in the Four Corners area, which has the greatest concentration of ancient cultures and ruins north of Mexico.

Southwest US Drought is a study of the onging 17-year drought in the Colorado River Basin with data and scenic photos of Lake Powell and Lake Mead, periodic updates, and some of the effects like production cuts in California produce fields and closed marinas at the lakes.

St George is a mid-1800s settlement in the arid Mohave Desert in the southwestern corner of Utah that has blossomed into an oasis in the desert.

Scenic Videos are clips of state and national parks videos.

Other Photos includes space station videos, extreme photos of the week, and other items from outside scenic Color Country.

A globe icon   on a link or menu selection indicates it is an off-site link (NPS, Wikipedia, etc.).

Our mission is displaying the outstanding scenery, geology, and archaeology of Scenic Color Country with their stories - enjoy the tour!

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