U95 cut through Comb Ridge Sipapu Bridge in Naturaly Bridges National Monument In the Black Hole in White Canyon Hite Crossing in Glen Canyon Hog Springs Rest Area in Hog Canyon

Scenic Byway 95 - Utah State Highway 95, on the Trail of the Ancients

Going west from US191, U95 passes north Butler Wash trailheads, cuts through Comb Ridge Monocline, passes the restored Mule Canyon ruin between milemarkers 102 and 101, meets U275 that goes to Natural Bridges National Monument, meets U261 that crosses the center of Cear Mesa, goes by Fry Canyon Lodge, crossing Fry Canyon, runs alongside White Canyon with its infamous Black Hole, from Natural Bridges to near Hite, crosses the Bridge at Hite Crossing over the Colorado and Lake Powell in massive Glen Canyon, and turns northwest up North Wash to Hanksville, passsing Hog Springs Rest Area, Hog Canyon, and trailheads to several slot canyons.  Ancestral Puebloan ruins may be found throughout the area in Butler Wash, Mule Canyon, Arch Canyon, and throughout Cedar Mesa south of U95.

Scenic Byway 95 between US191 and Natural Bridges National Monument is on the Trail of the Ancients - the only national scenic byway dedicated to archaeology and culture, highlighting the archaeological and cultural history of the southwestern Native American peoples.

U95 is surrounded by National Parks and Monuments, recreation and wilderness areas.  Many slot canyon hike adventures are in North Wash - some are extremely technical.  A link off a North Wash gallery photo & auto-show has the story of a Leprechaun Canyon search and rescue with a happy ending.