Flash Floods in Upper Antelope Canyon and in Page, Arizona

A flash flood on August 2, 2013, carried tons of mud into Antelope Canyon, flowing down the canyon until it reached Colorado River and Lake Powell near Antelope Point, above Glen Canyon Dam.  At the same time, about four to five miles west of Antelope Canyon, a second flash flood from the same storm cell flowed through Page, onto and down US89, through a Maverik station, and into Honey Draw wash, emptying into Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam and above Horseshoe Bend.  The flood blew out chunks of asphalt and covered US89 with up to two feet of mud.

The video from Rankin Studio on YouTube shows the Antelope Canyon and Page flash floods.  The video is high-definition and may be viewed full-screen without distortion.  At the end of the video are a number of flood and flash flood videos, including another Upper Antelope flood and the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami where 250,000 people died that you may not wish to view (I could not).  But they are always changing - I never know for certain what is there when the video ends.  Refreshing the page (F5 or the browser reload button) will clear these ads and video links.
This Antelope Canyon video was shot under the AZ98 bridge over the top of Upper Antelope Canyon.

Rankin Studio transferred to video to Youtube.  Youtube occasionally changes urls - if this doesn't load, tell us on our comments page, and we'll fix it.