Chaco Culture National Historical Park Photo Gallery


The map graphic identifies locations of some of the ruins in Chaco Canyon.  The next image is a computer reconstruction of how Pueblo Bonito, the largest of the great houses, may have looked anciently, followed by two photos as it exists today.
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Pueblo Map  Pueblo Bonito  Pueblo Bonito  Kiva in front of Pueblo Bonito  Kin Kletso Chetro Ketl great kiva plaza  Hungo Pavi  Staircase behind Hungo Pavi  Chaco Canyon Ruins  Penasco Blanco Pueblo Alto  Casa Rinconada  Casa Rinconada Kiva  Casa Chiquita  New Alto Kim Bineola  Pueblo Del Arroyo  Pueblo Del Arroyo Scenic View  Kim Kilzhin  Wijiji Massive Walls at Wijiji  Pueblo Pintado  Una Vida with Fajada Butte behind  Fajada Butte  Fajada Butte Summer Solstice Chaco Observatory HorseheadNebula  Time Lapse Night Sky