Dead Horse Point State Park Photo Gallery

Most Dead Horse Point State Park photos are taken from the obseration point, across a gooseneck of the Colorado in Meander Canyon, looking into Canyonlands National Park.  Dead Horse Point itself is rather bland, while the views from it are absolutely awsome.  We show two views looking up at the Point, along with non-traditional and traditional views views from the Point, including the jump point of the Thelma and Louise movie.  Both views of the Point look across Colorado River - one from a trail on the canyon wall across the Colorado, the other from Shafer Trail that runs along a ledge below the Point (Shafer Trail is visible in several of the photos).

The snow picture from the USGS is of U313 - at 5,900' (1,798 m) there can be a lot of snow, and this area gets plenty (not so much during drought).  Select a tile to view its photo, View Photos for an auto-show of the photos; close returns to Dead Horse State Park, home goes to the Scenic Color Country home page.

Dead Horse Point from Below  Dead Horse Point from Below  Thelma and Louise  Winter in Dead Horse Point  Winter in Dead Horse Point Lightning in Canyonlands National Park  Sunrise on Dead Horse Point  the Point at sunrise  looking down Meander Canyon  Utah's Grand Canyon Shafer Basin  View from the Big Chief Loop Trail  View into Shafer Basin  Sunset over Dead Horse Point  Snow on U313 to the Point