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Dave McKelleb I

The retired one, father and grandfather of the other two Dave McKellebs, amatuer photographer and amatuer webmaster, is the author of and maintains Scenic Color Country.  In spite of this workaholic's fear of retirement, I am having a ball - this site is a major contributor (along with going anywhere I want to, whenever I want to, staying up late - getting up late, etc.).

For nearly a quarter of a century I configured and managed mainframe-class computer systems in the Utah System of Higher Education at Dixie State and Utah Valley Universities.  Previous experience includes serving as CFO in banking and insurance, with a couple of burn-out recoveries driving 18-wheelers coast-to-coast as an owner-operator, enjoying scenic adventures like driving old US11 along the Susquehenna in Pennsylvania, between river dams on both sides of US2 in Skowhegen, Maine, and the PCH along the California coast through Watsonville-Monterey and Santa Barbara (but not so much in LA, although that, too, is an adventure), and driving back-roads throughout the US when possible.

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Hmmm . . an old photo. 
The TD is in the garage with a burnt clutch.  And after spending a small fortune trying to grow grass here on the desert, I ended up spending a not-so-small fortune on a desert landscape with desert-friendly shrubs and trees, a photo of which may eventually appear above next to the TD - I kind of like the looks of the TD with the lava ridge in the background.