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the Incomparable OpenVMS Operating System

OpenVMS is the most secure, stable, and scalable operating system on the face of the planet.  Government agencies, financial markets, hospitals, and lotteries use OpenVMS because of their requirement to protect sensitive data.  For nearly a quarter of a century we managed complex OpenVMS clusters that are secure, stable, scalable, disaster-proof, and virus-free.

Secure:  No hacks, no cracks, no breakins, and no viruses.

Stable:  The superiority of VMS cluster technology permits patch and operating system updates, and hardware replacement, while production continues without interruption.  VMS clusters have been in production continuously for 10+ years with no down time. 
See up-time references:  globe 10 years at Amsterdam Police (2007); globe 10 years at WVNET (2006).  [Uptimes not followed since I retired.]

Scalable:  Need to add some horsepower or storage?  No problem, simply add a node to the cluster, some drives to the array, or both, without shutting everything down.

Disaster-proof:  need a 24x7x365 disaster-proof computer system?  Ask to see an OpenVMS cluster survive intential destruction to test its fail-over ability (blew one side of the cluster into oblivion with an explosive!), and about an OpenVMS cluster that did not drop a single transaction when the World Trade Center side of the cluster disappeared (non-disclorsure agreements required).

Have sensitive data to be protect?  Need help to get it done, or don't know how?  Contact us - we know how, we can help.  We have nearly a quarter-century experience working with OpenVMS clusters in secure, no-downtime systems at major universities.
Now retired, but available if needed.