Little Colorado River Gorge Photo Gallery

The photo gallery contains variously sized photos of the Little Colorado River Gorge between Cameron, Arizona, and the confluence of the Little Colorado and Colorado River at the eastern end of the Grand Canyon - the junction of Marble Canyon with the Grand Canyon, formerly the eastern boundary of Grand Canyon National Park.  The boundary of Grand Canyon National Park was extended in 1975 to include Marble Canyon - here we indicate the boundary of the canyon, not of the national park.

The helicopter photo brings an interesting story.  With permission from the Navajo Nation, it was used in the Apex BASE heli boogie, a base-jumping weekend down the 1,800' (549m) sheer canyon walls of the Gorge, the heliocopter providing the escape out of the Gorge.

The panorama photo was shot where the Little Colorado turns north toward the Grand Canyon - this Google Earth satellite image has the coordinates where the photo was taken.  Select a tile to view its photo, View Photos for an auto-show of the photos.  It is interesting to note how flat the landscape is in a wide area around the Gorge as can be observed in several of the photos, particularly in the 7th photo; close returns to Little Colorado River Gorge, home goes to the Scenic Color Country home page.

Little Colorado River Gorge  Little Colorado River Gorge 2  Little Colorado River Canyon  Little Colorado River Gorge  Helocopter in the Canyon Aerial view of the Gorge  surface photo  Banner photo