Natural Bridges National Monument Photo Gallery

Multiple photos of the natural bridges and Horse Collar ruin from differing view points, from the youngest (Sipapu) to the oldest (Owachomo), which is also their order along Bridge View Drive.  The final image is a map of Bridge View Drive.  Select a tile to view its photo, View Photos for an auto-show of the photos;
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Sipapu Bridge view 1  Sipapu Bridge from the trail  Sipapu Bridge view 3  Sipapu Bridge early summer Sipapu Bridge from below  Kachia Natural Bridge  Kachina telephoto view  Base of Kachia Another view of the base of Kachina  Owachomo Natural Bridge  Owachomo Natural Bridge  Owachomo Natural Bridge Owachomo Bridge at night  Horse Collar ruin from the trail  Horse Collar ruin close-up  Map