Scenic Video Clips

Zion's National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park are multi-stage slide and video presentations published by the National Park Service (NPS).  The Grand Canyon is a 7 min 22 sec simulated fly-through produced by NPS, NASA, and USGS.  The first three videos play from NPS sites, the remaining videos are on YouTube.  The Secrets of Redrock (15:30) was produced by the Discovery Channel.

There are two versions of the Burr Trail video, the tile selects the long version (24:08), click the caption link for the shorter version (11:00).  The Chute of Muddy Creek has two versions, kayak in high water (4:53) and hike with low water (4:06) - the tile selects the hike version, select the caption link for the kayak version.  Most of these videos scale well to full screen.

Select a tile to view its video.  Note:  the video captions may not display properly in older browsers.

Zion's National Park  Bryce Canyon National Park  Grand Canyon Video
Zion's National ParkBryce Canyon National ParkGrand Canyon Fly-over
Red Rock  Arches  Burr Trail
Secrets of the Red Rock in Arches & Canyonlands (15:37)Geology of Arches National Park (3:32)Burr Trail (24:08)  short version (11:00)
Arches National Park  Zion Narrows  Goblin Valley  Muddy Creek
Arches National Park (8:57)Zion's Narrows (7:06)Goblin Valley State Park (3:10)Chute of Muddy Creek (4:06) kayak (4:53)