White Canyon Photo Gallery

Most of these photos are of the gorge of the canyon with its lighter-colored Cedar Mesa Sandstone walls, some show the reddish Wingate Sandstone of the much wider White Canyon walls.
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Sipapu Bridge early summer  White Canyon near Sipapu  White Canyon in Natural Bridges  Horse Collar ruin  Kachina over White Canyon White Canyon from roadside SB95  Fry Canyon  White Canyon from a ledge  Long slot canyon  Roccky streambed South entrance of Black Hole  White Canyon Arch  Deep section of the canyon  White Canyon striated rock  Deeo and dark Black Hole  Deeo and rugged Black Hole Flooded Black Hole  Black Hole with boulder and log  Flooded Black Hole  Boulders in Black Hole  SB95 bridge over White Canyon  White Canyon from roadside SB95