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About Scenic Color Country  and  Color Country Computing

Utah's Color Country is the five southwestern counties of Utah.  Scenic Color Country combines Utah's Color Country with Utah's Canyon Country (San Juan County) to encompass the entire width of sounthern Utah, plus just about anything else inside the Colorado Plateau Provence.  This is a gorgeous area of the earth, only partially explored and charted, with outstanding scenery, geology, and archaeology - sharing it is our mission.

We use a text color to imitate the reddish iron oxide colored soil in the area.  Pages are buuilt to W3C standards using html5 code and css3 styling, with all of our pages validating at W3C - except pdf pages where we use percentages instead of the required pixels (percentages present a much better page) and javascript-created pages for which there is no validation tool.  We build in Firefox using the chrispederick developer toolkit, then modify with css to approximate the same view in other browsers (see Site information/Browser Notes for browser-specific information).

We continue to add outstanding scenery as we find it.  Many photos are ours, others are used with permission, and others are in the public domain - all known copyrights and credits are printed on the photo.  Contact us if you have photos you wish included here, or another site that you would like to see that we do not feature.  Use the comments page to offer any comments or suggestions.

Although nothing on Scenic Color Country is sensitive or confidential, we have joined the effort to make the internet a safer place by encrypting our communcations with the site using SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption.  To accomplish this we forward SCC urls ( & .com) to so all our visitors connect to a secure site.  If the encryption process significantly impacts your connection, an unencrypted site is available at  Our certificates are provided by DigiCert, an industry-leader in SSL development and encryption technology.

Historically, Color Country Compuing was created as a consultancy featuring the incomparable OpenVMS operating system, with a small photo section of Utah's Color Country - on retirement, it morphed into what it is today.  Unlike any other OS at any cost, OpenVMS is secure out-of-the-box (cannot be hacked), stable (survives disasters - ask us about the World Trade Center surviving systems), and scalable - change/upgrade clusters without taking the system down (some sites have kept their systems up-to-date without rebooting the cluster for as long as ten years).  We stand by our statement that OpenVMS is the best computer operating system on the planet - select the OpenVMS page button for more info, and contact us for the details.