Rainbow Bridge Photo Gallery

The gallery contains an early black-and-white photo with people on top to show just how huge this rock is,, photos of the dock and dock-to-walkway, and various photos of Rainbow Bridge.  All photos were taken during the ongoing drought except the final two of the bridge which were taken with Lake Powell at normal levels.  We continue to show the 2013 flash flood photos to impress how important it is to be cautious if visiting the bridge during rain - flash floods can kill (Antelope Canyon Flash Flood).
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Historic Photo - Huge Rock!  Forbidding Canyon  Tour boat from Lake Powell  Boat dock  Dock walkway Shade structure  Main trail  Soaring the Rainbow  Can you see them?  Aerial View of Rainbow Bridge Side view of the bridge  Bridge Canyon  Rainbow Bridge & Navajo Mountain  Water under Rainbow Bridge  Rainbow Bridge reflection Hiking back to the boat  Rainbow Bridge Washout  Rainbow Bridge Washout  Lee's Ferry Road Washout  Boulders on bridge