San Rafael Swell Photo Gallery

We have four representative photos of Goblin Valley here; more photos including the Goblin's Lair, and information about Goblin Valley, is available in the Goblin Valley State Park article in the State Parks menu.

The Roads Less Traveled following the Rochester Panel [rock art] is a huge pdf file of 40 pages - it may take a some time to load, displays properly in Firefox and the latest version of MS Edge (10/2020), opens blank pages on top in old MS Edge (press the + button to bring it up), may fail to open in Google Chrome and Opera, and may require navigating dual scroll bars in older versions of Internet Explorer.  The Roads Less Traveled has a lot of information about, and photos of, the Swell.  The map of San Rafael County (the next tile) is also huge, a single-page resizeable map of the Swell.  If the close button is not visible on these two, use the browser back-arrow.

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I-70 cut through San Rafael Reef  San Rafael Reef near I-70  San Rafael Reef near Wild Horse Canyon  I-70 at San Rafael River  Temple Mtn Road  Tall Hoodoos (Goblins) Up close and personal  Goblin Valley Utah State Park in Winter  Entrance to Muddy Creek Gorge  Inside Muddy Creek Gorge  Muddy Creek Gorge  The Chute of Muddy Creek Muddy Creek Chute  Lower Muddy Creek Gorge  Little Grand Canyon  Eardley Canyon  Goblin Valley State Park  Music Canyon San Rafael River Gorge  Forgotten Canyon  Ding Canyon  Rochester Panel  Roads Less Travelled  Roads Less Travelled Map San Rafael Reef panorama  Goblin Valley panorama  Eagle Canyon panorama