Scenic Byway 95 Photo Gallery

Photos in the gallery appear in order - east to west - along SB95. 
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CombRidge 1  CombRidge 2  CombRidge 3  CombRidge 4  View Over Mule Canyon  Roadside Ruin Owachomo Natural Bridge  Sipapu Bridge  Kachina Natural Bridge from below  Fry Slot Canyon  Fry Canyon Lodge  Fry Canyon Lodge 2004 Jacob's Chair  White Canyon  the Black Hole  White Canyon  SB95 Geology 1  SB95 Geology 3 Glen Canyon  Bridge at Hite Crossing  Dirty Devil Canyon  Lake Powell in drought  Hite, Utah  Hite Marina 3 Hog Springs Rest Area  Hog Springs Rest Area  Hog Slot Canyons  SB95 Up North Wash  North Wash Slot Canyons  North Wash Slot Canyons Comb Ridge Panorama  Bridge at Hite Crossing

Panoramic views of Comb Ridge and the Bridge at Hite Crossing