Waterpocket Fold Photo Gallery

The last two aerial photos are not oriented north/south because of their viewpoints - this Google Earth image explains the orientation.  Similar photos may be found in the Capitol Reef National Park and Scenic Byway 24 articles.
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The S-Bend  Waterpocket Fold, Henry Mtns background  Scenic drive  Fruita and Wingate cliffs  Historic Fruita District View from Chimney Rock trail  View from Panorama Point  Western escarpment  Rugged Spires in Waterpocket Fold  Scenic Byway 24 Top of the switchbacks  Burr Trail switchbacks  Notom Road sunset  images/the Golden Throne  The Castle Aerial View  Space station photo  Waterpocket Fold Panorama

Panoramic view of the west face of Waterpocket fold – Looking north from Miners Mountain