US191 Bridge near Moab, Utah the Bridge at Hite Crossing Glen Canyon Dam Bridge Historic Navajo Bridge Grand Canyon Trail Bridges US93 Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

Only Five Highway Bridges Cross the Colorado in 750 Miles

At Moab, Utah, amidst unique geology, the US191 Colorado River Bridge is designed to be in harmony with nature.  The Bridge at Hite Crossing on Utah Scenic Byway 95 and the Trail of the Ancients near Hite, Utah, is 110 miles (177 km) downstream, crossing the Colorado over Cataract Canyon and the northeastern end of Lake Powell (when not in drought).  The US89 Glen Canyon Dam Bridge crosses the Colorado at the southwestern end of Lake Powell near Page, Arizona, is 185 miles (298 km) downstream.  Historic Navajo Bridge on US89A over the Colorado in Marble Canyon is 15 miles downstream.  The South Kaibab Trail and Bright Angel Trail bridges cross the Colorado near the floor of the Grand Canyon.  The Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, the US93 Hoover Dam Bypass, is an amazing structure with a pedestrian walkway providing a view of Hoover Dam and the Colorado 900' (280+ m) below in Black Canyon.

The Photo Gallery contains photos of the seven bridges identified by the NPS, the Laughlin bridge, and the three bridges discussed in History of Bridges (Fruita, Dewey, US66 at Topoc/Needles).  Select a bridge from the Bridges Menu to open a page with its story and an auto-show of its photos.  Quick Tour is an auto-show with one photo of each bridge including the historical bridges. 
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Landslide provides details and videos from the Arizona Department of Transportation of the event that closed US89 for 25 months.