White Rim Trail Photo Gallery

List of photos in the gallery:  White Rim Trail (12 photos), Mineral Bottom Road (11 photos), Shafer Trail & Potash Road (10 photos), and Long Canyon Road (6 photos).

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On the White Rim Trail  On the White Rim Trail  Musselman Arch  Canyon and Clouds  White Rim Trail Overlook White Rim Photo  Canyon in the White Rim  Hi Mom - White Rim Trail  White Rim Photo  On the White Rim Trail Cliff Driving  Junction with Mineral Bottom Road  Road above switchbacks  Mineral Bottom Road switchbacks  Mineral Bottom Road below switchbacks Camper on Mineral Bottom Road  Camping along the road  Green River  Green River boat launch  Hell Roaring Canyon Snow on Mineral Bottom Road  Switchback washout  Close-up of washout  Shafer Trail Sunrise  Shafer Trail switchbacks On the Shafer Trail switchbacks  Shafer Trail from DHP  Balanced Rock  Jeep behind a rock  Rugged step on the road   <q>Wall Street</q>  Wall Street    View from the trail Entering PUcker Pass  Jeep in PUcker Pass  Jeep in PUcker Pass  Pucker Pass view