Extreme Photos of the Week

from the National Geographic Society

These photos were selected from a National Geographic Society article containing selections from its Extreme Photo of the Week series.  Understandably, given the nature of the sport, the majority by far were rock-climbing photos.  It is equally understandable that many of them were inside the Colorado Plateu given the many canyons in the Plateau with sheer canyon walls.  We present the Scenic Color Country portion of the photos for your viewing pleasure.

I chose two intriguing photos outside Scenic Color Country to fill in the gallery, one from Vienna, Austria, the other from Tasmania, Australia.

Select a tile to view its photo and story.  Note that in wide browser windows on high-resolution monitors that the photo may extend beyond the border and be larger than the one it opens.  Select View Photos for an auto-show of the photos with their author-given title as captions.

Zion climb  Havasu Creek  Green River climb  Bike base jump  Climbing Santaquin  Backcountry Skiing Mount Superior Climbing the Priest  Biking the Bookcliffs  Climbing Red Dihedral  Ski Brighton  Climbing San Rafael Reef  Mountain Biking in Virgin Climbing Hallucinogen  Skiing Mount Superior  Climbing Superfortress  Mountain Biking Desert Spines  Traipsing the Highline  Climbing the TotemPole